Update from Vienna

5 Oct

As I wait for these painfully slow uploads of the next set of photos for you to check out, let me tell you folks how it’s all going. We’re presently staying in Vienna at our couchsurfing host, Carla’s. You can presume that we’re safe and in good condition but I don’t want to jump the the end of the story just yet, so let me lay some basic stats on you.

We’re on day four, cycled for aprox. 260 km, at average of 15.5 k an hour, climbed about 1914+ meters and ridden for over 21:25 hours. Now take these number with a grain of salt because I couldn’t get the cycle computer to register for the first day and a half.

We spent the first sunny day aclimating to riding and heading west toward Moravsky Krumlov with a destination set to Kjyov. The first hill out of town was a good test, my grandparents drove to the top see how we would fare. We jumped between designanted bike paths of mixed terrian and main roads but tragically, early on we had a mounting failure for Abbys rear panniers and a hook from a bungee cord tore a hole in her inflatable sleeping mat! We found that not all bike paths are clearly signed when passing through villages but more on that later. We pulled everything together and made it past Kjyov and set up camp half way up hill in a farmers field. I think we made about 45k on day one.

I’m going to leave the story there and come back with the help of Abby. With any luck and with a bit of bandwith, we’ll have some photos up in the next day or two. Until then, we’re going to be riding the bikes around Vienna without an gear and enjoying a break for a day.


One Response to “Update from Vienna”

  1. Marina V. October 6, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    That is incredible, major kudos to both of you!

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