Reflections on Budapest

16 Oct

Dave and I are learning that the most stressful part of our days is when we have to enter and exit cities. Budapest was no exception. While we followed a lovely bicycle path along the Danube towards the city, we where soon turned around by eurovelo signs pointing us in all kinds of different directions and then disappearing completely. Then there is the matter of trying figure out which of the 6 bridges crossing the Danube is which, and how to get up onto them. All the while being whizzed by busy bicyclists and smothered by the traffic.

When we finally found the street where our accommodation was, we found that #3 Dohany street was not marked and had no idea which building was ours. Without internet we were unable to contact our host; needless to say it was very stressful and we both had to do our best to not explode as we were already close to the breaking point.

As in life though, everything always seems to work out and we finally got in touch with our host and hoisted all of our belongings up three flights of stairs.

We had a total of three nights in Budapest and while it is a beautiful city, we both felt it was one night too long. We did a lot of walking around, saw the castle in the distance which from a far looked quite elegant and grand, but close up seemed to resemble something you’d find in disneyland. We both wonder if weve become a little jaded by european cities and look forward to something a little more exotic.

While here we also researched bicycle routes towards Croatia as we would now be veering off the eurovelo route and would have to fend for ourselves. What we discovered was that there were none really and trying to find any good maps of where we wanted to go turned up fruitless, even the trusty internet could not really help us. That is why we now sit on a train heading towards europe’s biggest lake, lake Balaton. We decided to save ourselves the stress of trying to get out of the city and get dropped off at the lake where we will continue cycling and catch another train to Zagreb, Croatia. Is this cheating? Maybe a little bit, but there is nothing but mountains and cold weather between the lake and the Croatian coast.

We are still without a computer to upload pictures, but will do our best soon. To the coast we go!


2 Responses to “Reflections on Budapest”

  1. Lidka a Jirka October 16, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

    Hello Abby and Dave,

    I am very glad to hear about you again.Travelling by train is not cheating, it is rational. Good luck, Lidka a Jirka

  2. good luck October 16, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    The best decision you made. Skip the cold weather and freezing nights and go to see different scenery. Best luck mom

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