20 Oct

Defeated. That is how we feel right now. All of our excitement about seeing the Croatian coastline has been doused by horrible weather. We cycled so hard for two days up and down two mountains. (The hardest cycling i’ve ever done.) The first at 880 meters and the second at around 600 in anticipation of reaching the croation coast. When we finally descended the second mountain to Senj we were greeted with a bura, essentially a hurricane and there is no way possible of biking it.

So we are on a bus, which was happy to take all of our money for our tickets, our bikes, and a fee per bag that we had. We are going back up the exact same mountain we had just come down and taking the highway to Zadar where hopefully the weather will be better. But for now we’re trying to hold our heads high and hope that one of the most anticipated parts of our trip will not be a bust.

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One Response to “Defeated”

  1. Anna October 24, 2011 at 7:16 am #

    Dear Dave Abby, I am so sorry for You! But it´s autumn time and you will have a lot of rain and strong wind in that area. So please take care. All the best to You. Anna

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