Holding in Dubrovnik

30 Oct

How plans change. Having made it down to the scenic town of Dubrovnik we came to the conclusion that maybe Greece isn’t what we are looking for and we can save Istanbul for another trip. So we booked into a hostel and hashed it out. We’ve signed up for a work exchange website and have decided to head West towards Spain via southern Italy in search of cuisine and work and we’ll trade Turkey out with Morocco, in an attempt to stay with the weather.

I’ve also worked out a little volunteering gig at the hostel we’re staying at, so we’ve got a little corner of Croatia to call home for the next week before we ship out to Bari.

It is a really strange sensation to simply stop moving after all the distance we’ve made. It’s a kind of guilt that could be associated with laziness. But we like it here, the staff are friendly and the locals are kind. We get dirty looks when we take our bike into the the old city, but I think we’re starting to become a familiar sight.

I’ll be sure to put together a full report of our impressions of the Croatian scene later, for now we wanted to keep you folks


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