Update from Dubrovnik

4 Nov

Just a quick update; We decided to stay in Dubrovnik for an extra week volunteering at the hostel. It has been great; Dubrovnik has turned out to be quite a special place that pictures will never quite portray. Today we kayaked to Lokrum Island and saw wild peacocks; yesterday we took a walk out to the abandoned Hotel Belvedere that got shelled during the 1991 conflict and never recovered, swam cliffside and enjoyed a great group dinner.

We will leave Sunday night on the overnight ferry to Bari and then continue on cycling the Puglia region of Italy – the flat part and then sort out how we’ll get to Barcelona.

Stay posted for Dave’s next post about is overall impression of Croatia.

port in the Old Town

relaxing on the wall

a view from Fortress Imperial Srd above the city

incredible clear water

More pictures soon!


One Response to “Update from Dubrovnik”

  1. Stephanie Adamczyk November 4, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    Croatia was definitely one of my favorite places! We stayed with some old ladies that hollered at us when we got off the ship. Everything was so inexpensive and beautiful! Are you going to make it up to Split or go to one of the islands? Split was gorgeous but we didn’t make it off the shore to explore. Good luck and Safe Travels!

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