Bari Part Duex

15 Nov
From Dubrovnik to Puglia

Ok, I admit that I used my last post as a ploy to draw interest. So to catch you up, we followed a young Italian on bike down and alley and ended up at the cyclists center of Bari. A place called Ciclo Spazio

a organizaion of Italian cycle enthusiasts working out of a space akin to the Bicycle Kitchen in San Francisco. We were introduced the president, David who was kind enough to offer a place to use the internet, go over our maps to select a path of travel and the basement if we needed a place to stay. Like I said before, trust those who ride with Dynos. Having a place to keep our bags allowed us to explore Bari in more depth for the day, shop for food, let us sleep off the exhaustion of the crossing rocky seas from Dubrovnik and make a plan for Italy’s heel region, Puglia. We really enjoyed hanging out with the Ciclo Spazio folks and are grateful for their hospitality. In the end we got invited to spend the night with a WarmShowers host, a Frenchman named Alain who has established the first cycle messenger service in the city. Way to go! Having a lovely shared meal and a good nights rest, we embarked the next morning heading south along the coast to olive country.


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