Down the Heel and into Itria Valley

17 Nov
From Dubrovnik to Puglia

We left in the morning and followed the coast for roughly 20k. For once the road out of town was generally uncomplicated and a straight forward. David advised us to keep the ocean on our left and follow the service road that runs parallel with the SS highway most of entire way. Passing a few fish shops and neglected summer resort towns, the scenre of the first 20 was a drab ride. We are finding that as a rule, the 25k radius of most cities are like this, so we pressed on.

Eventually we made our way past the beginnings of some pleasant olive orchards, through some historical small towns and cut our way inland at Monopoli to climb into the Itria Valley The soil was a rich color of red, the olive growth were ancient and gnarled spread across the rolling hills into private villas. Finally we found what we were searching for in Italy.

After taking almost 2 weeks off from the roads, the 65k we road was catching up with us and it was time to call it a day and without a better option for camping, we found a B&B fit for royalty!

From Dubrovnik to Puglia

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