Reporting from Spain, a very Paella Thanksgiving

23 Nov
From From Italy to Spain

Now I’m going to have to jump ahead and skip a bunch of important details about where we’ve been and what we’ve done. But the fact of the matter is that it is a much more manageable feat to update whats going from the present space-time continuum than spend the hours required recounting the impossibly infinite details that have led up to our present circumstance.

That being said, allow me to inform every one that we have arrive to Valencia, Spain after cycling down from Barcelona over the last 4 days over what can best described as mostly highways that run along the coast which are sparsely peppered with the occasional hotel infested resort town. I don’t want to jump the gun and call our Spanish cycle excursion a failure but honestly I can’t imagine what has convinced these other cycle tourists to keep the coast the entire time as it’s really not all that pleasant.

From From Italy to Spain

We loved Barcelona and after a 20 hour over night ride on a dismal (although affordable) ferry ride, greeted by a well thought out, lively cycle friendly city we could leave the awful chaos of Rome behind us. We were hosted by Abel and Marina through WarmShowers for 4 lovely days and really can’t thanks them enough for making our entrance to Spain such a pleasant experience.

As I mentioned, Barcelona is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone. After traveling around, “Old Europe” for the last few weeks it is refreshing to experience a city that embraces a contemporary spirit. La Sagrada Família is really amazing and as I have mentioned before it was like walking into a the final boss level in Final Fantasy. Antoni Gaudi was way ahead of the time and it just goes to show you what is possible in architecture when you start using your passion and vision to design instead of compromising to economics.

From From Italy to Spain

The food has been fantastic too, from the market of La Boccaria (which is heaven for any serious foody), Tapas and other selections foreign foods (like Moaz, vegetarian fast food), we’re finally getting to have a choice in out diet rather than dealing with what is available.

So now we are in Valencia for a couple of days playing tourist before we hop a train to Madrid. We’ve got some planning to do in regards to dealing with bikes, checking out other regions of Spain and heading towards Morocco. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we make a decision. Until then, have a great thanksgiving, enjoy your company and count your blessing. Although, I wish we could be having turkey with all the trimmings by all your collective sides, rest assured that we will getting stuffed on paella and we are giving our own thanks in spirit.

Below is the link to our latest album upload.

From Italy to Spain

One Response to “Reporting from Spain, a very Paella Thanksgiving”

  1. good luck November 24, 2011 at 6:09 am #

    All those pictures are amazing, cathedral absolutely breathtaking. I hope you also enjoy all that food. Nice bow-tie. mom

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