A Return to Backpacking

3 Dec

Madrid has forced us to make some hard decisions about the road ahead. We should considered ourselves lucky that we were able to make to the capital city at all, seeing as how “progress” has substituted all traditional train service with expensive, high-speed alternatives that refuse to accommodate bicycles. (yet I’m quite sure no one others to kick up much fuss over baby strollers) So having no path out, we are forced to deal with the fates of our trusty bicycles. We have learned that all postal service is a front for Fedex and similar courier services that only use air travel (read, expensive). With prices ranging from the high at 620 Euro to the low of 400 to ship to Australia, both of which are completely out of our budget. The options remaing are to take the bikes along with us to India which, after dealing with enough struggle getting on and off trains in Europe alone, we cannot fathom in India and forsee as a total burden. So we have chosen to pack up the bikes and ship them to our point of origin in Czech Republic and leave them with family until a time undetermined to take up another tour (preferably during the summer) or have them returned to us when are ready to receive them again.

That being said, we are very sad to part with our bikes but are equally excited to shed the weight of the equipment and move forward with just the basics. The path before us is set, we are traveling South to cross into Morocco by ferry, which everyone tells us is great and also cheap. We have purchased our tickets to return to Madrid on the 20th and will depart soon afterward on the 23rd to fly to Mumbai.

I apologize for not having any photos to share with you at this time, but we haven’t gotten on our hands on an internet line that can upload at a favorable pace. But rest assured, Spain is still lovely, Valencia was delightful and we are looking forward to exploring those regions graced by the aesthetic and ancient hands of the Moors.

Also, I wanted to note that I pciked up a copy of Don Quixote and I am greatly enjoying the miss-adventures of our nobleman of La Mancha.


2 Responses to “A Return to Backpacking”

  1. good luck December 3, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

    Good luck with your new journey, be careful and enjoy, mom

  2. David Eller December 4, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    Dude and dudette, sorry to hear of all your ill fate. But it sounds as thought this is what life had planned for you. But it does sound as though you have it well in control. Well look forward to hearing about more of your travels and miss you both. Aloha from the states my friends and travel safe.
    Your loving friend

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