I guess we take the ¨Velo¨out of Gypsyvelotour?

6 Dec

December 5, 2011 marks 11 days spent in Madrid and our arrival in Seville. We´ve had a great but slightly stressful time in this capitol city. The things we´ve really enjoyed are our wonderful host Sylvia and her endless generosity, the museums that are free for the last two hours of everyday; we got to see Picasso´s Guernica and Velasquez´ Las Meninas, what a treat! Added to that list is J&J´s books and coffee; a cafe/bar/english book store with free wifi, great atmosphere, and friendly employees. The things we´ve not like so much are the beginnings of the christmas crowds – it is almost impossible to wade through sea of holiday shoppers and their rampant baby strollers, the obsurdity of the spanish lottery, and definitly the lack of bike friendly consciousness that will probably never change because like our tour guide said, – Madrid is to hilly to change…what?

We also finally managed to get our bicycles taken apart and put in boxes with the resolution to send them to Dave´s family in Czech Republic since it is the cheapest option. Though, we have to wait until we get back to Madrid to actually send them.

We just sat through a 6 hour bus ride to Seville, will stay here for a day, head to Tarifa and then ferry to Tangier, bus to Chefchaouen, Fez, and Marrakech; then we fly back to Madrid on the 20th, stage for a couple of days and fly off to India on the 23rd!

Pictures to follow soon, now that we have internet. We miss all of our friends and family, especially during the holidays


One Response to “I guess we take the ¨Velo¨out of Gypsyvelotour?”

  1. Mike December 6, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    Abby & Dave,
    You can never take the “Velo” out of Gypsy Velo Tour. You will have memories to last a lifetime, you have a logo that will live on and ,who knows, you might even get your bikes back home to sit in the basement/garage. As you may know, my tour bike has sat or hung in the basement or whereever for 35 years. Memories!
    Trek on,

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