Moroccon Holiday

22 Dec

featuring Steve the angry camel

Happy Holidays coming at you in the space between destinations Madrid. we arrived back from Marrakesh two days ago with just enough time to make the necessary arrangements to depart to India by tomorrow. The bikes are boxed but are still waiting to be sent to their next destination, along with another box due to be sent back home containing some goodies purchased in mother Africa. Like our rug. More on all that later.

I would have loved to take the time to keep you all up to date with our many adventures in Moroccan, but the pace of travel and relative, antiquated state of technology of the place made it all a bit difficult. Most things are powered by people or donkeys. No joke.

But allow me to briefly indulge you with a brief itinerary so that you may study a map and have some context when I get enough time to upload photos and fill in the gaps of the larger story.

Tangiers to Chefchaoen

Chefchaouen (3 days) to Fez

Fez (3 days, 2 nights) to Merzouga to the Saharan Dunes (8 hour overnight bus ride ovet the Atlas Mountains)

Desert Sahara to Ouarzazate (Overnight Stay)

Ouarzazate to Marrakesh

We arrived to Tangiers by boat from Tarifa, if we had taken our bikes we would have been slapped with a 30 € per bike fee so we don’t feel to bad about that. I immediately hired a fixer to get us to a bus station and on our way up in to the mountains of Chefchaouen on a local bus.

We arrived to the city of blue at night and followed along with a Spanish couple that we met on the bus to a cheap pension and finally got a chance to grab a toe hold in the country side.

The city of blue turned out to be the peaceful kind of place worth sticking it out for a few days so we spent our time wandering the narrow streets of the medina in search of adventure. What we got was an over priced carpet and a lesson in master salesmenship that of which you may only find in Morocco.

I’m really sorry to have to cut it short, but I wanted to give everyone an update and reminder that we leave for Mumbai tomorrow afternoon. We will do our best to be online for Christmas Eve and get in touch soon. Until then, we’ll work hard to upload a new gallery of our adventures when we have the kind of internet that isn’t powered by what seems to be a donkey.


One Response to “Moroccon Holiday”

  1. good luck December 23, 2011 at 5:04 am #

    I love that picture with camels, can’t wait to see more. Have a pleasant flight to Mumbai, hope you will have some kind of little Christmas, will think about you and miss you. Love mom

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