Lost Lessons

26 Dec

Arrived in Goa after a 14 hour train ride and paid about 6 usd for a 10k can ride to our hotel and instead of being met with good hospitality we were told that the room we had booked wasn’t available and the only one left would cost more. The couple checking out early told us we could have theirs which the staff promptly informed us that we would have to pay twice for. So far India has been an over priced hustle and any lessons Ghandi may have imparted in regards to hospitality seem to have been lost.


One Response to “Lost Lessons”

  1. Marina V. December 28, 2011 at 2:44 am #

    I hope that things have looked up since yesterday. Hopefully it’s just a speed bump and the remainder of your stay in India is pleasant. 🙂

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