India…finially we are here

5 Jan

It’s been a while since we have updated the blog or added pictures. In truth we have done so much and finding the time or internet to write about it is few and far between. After our amazing and energetic time in Morocco we had 3 days to rest and revamp for India. Morocco was a great ground-breaking for the terrain that lay ahead for us in India. Landing in Mumbai was not as shocking after having battled the Medinas of Marrakech.

After a 14 hour train ride to Goa we settled in at a nice-ish spot on the beach and Dave and I spent the week frolicking in the ocean, relaxing beach-side with some beers and enjoying our company with our Danish family that so kindly adopted us for the week.

Our next stop was 9 hours east to the town of Hampi where we now have resided for the past five days amongst the ruined temples and river. Life on our side of the river is mellow and layed back and we can easily spend the hot afternoons lounging with a book, drinking lemonade, and fighting off the flies. Tomorrow night we take an overnight bus to Bangalore to indulge in some western luxuries…I’m hoping for a western toilet and a hot shower…we’ll see. Hopefully there we will find some good upload times and will get our hundreds of photos online.

We will try to update more often, but adventure always calls first!

Dave, doing his thing…he gets a lot of attention here

A Goan sunset…just beautiful!

Ruins in hampi…lots and lots of ruins

Our little thatch hut…just perfect


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