BOBH (Bring Our Bikes Home) Cycle Courier Update

13 Jan

Thanks to everyone that has responded to our call for assistance regarding the return of our trusty cycles state side.

I wanted to explain our plan in further detail since there have been a few questions of clarification. At the moment, we estimate that the cheapest option for us to send the bikes to the Czech Republic will run us up to $550 USD and for that price we figure for just a little more we can arrange for one of you guys to fly over to Madrid and bring them back to Boston as checked luggage. Thus we are fundraising to cover that extra in fees.

From our brief research, we determined that a round trip ticket in February will run at about $650, we also predict that there may be an excess baggage fee for the second bike that may run another $75-100. Accommodation in Madrid has been kindly offered gratis by our friend Silvia. To keep our costs down we do have to set some parameters for the courier. The ticket dates for the cheapest dates are generally midweek so the right candidate for the job has got to have a flexible schedule. Also, they can only bring one carry-on bag so they will be allowed to check in two bike boxes. We do have some flex, and if you have any ideas that could help we are open to hear them out. If you want to travel with another person, that’s great but we can only cover the costs for one ticket.

Having said all that, there is still plenty of time to work out the details. For the time being we are still trying to raise money and I have gone ahead and set up a website through chipin which allows us to pool our funds with paypal.

So, if you have any more questions or ideas, please pitch them at us and if you can help out with just a few bucks or know some sympathetic bicyclists please check out: to donate to our cause. For the moment we are doing this all through an IPhone and when we have the chance we will have a clever widget to share. Please get back to us if there is any trouble with the Chipin site and we will do our best to straighten it out.

That’s all for now, and just to keep you updated, we are presently in Ooty, a hill station tea-town in Southern India, struggling to make out way back to Goa.


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