Keeping your eye balls moist

20 Jan

Back in Mumbai, we have a few precious moments to share just a few of our photos between long-haul train rides. So here we go!

We ran across a few Czechs! This on is atop the Monkey Temple in Hampi, birth place of Hanuman

Up at the top, taking in the view.

Catching our breath at the top of Ooty Hill Station. Another day another hill. Will have more photos of the Tea Plantation

Found a place in Goa that really understand me. The Om-Made Cafe… clever?

Our Venerable Host and Guardian at the Tantra Guest House, let give a big hand to Buddha!

Our funky digs in the day time, 200 to sleep in the nests.

Bay Watch, India Style.

Just another cow on the beach, taking in the Sunset.

Okay! I hope that suits you folks for now. We are off to run around the city and catch a cab. With any luck we will be in Rajashtan be tomorrow.


One Response to “Keeping your eye balls moist”

  1. good luck January 21, 2012 at 4:05 am #

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures, hope you have a lot. mom

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