All The Photos

8 Feb


We have uploaded the mass of photos from India and Morocco into two albums (and broken Lucy Atkinson’s internet). Here is the link, but be warned; there is a lot to get through and they generally lack narrative.

Enjoy! India here:

Spain to Morocco here:

When we settle in, I will start putting them into some sort of order.

Presently, we are in the Freemantle, south of Perth staying with our friends as we re-assimilate into western culture. But here are some contextual financial cultural indicators for you.

1 Americano – $3 AUD

1 Used Book – $14 AUD

1 Cheap Lunch – $15 AUD

It’s time to get back to work, but fortunately the AUD has overtaken the USD and the pay starts at above $15 AUD.

We will miss parts of India (The affordability part certainly) and the accessibility to animals. But after washing our clothes and taking showers we are starting to feel clean and civilized again.

Wish us luck, mates.


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