Shameless Self-Promotion to the Melbourne Cycle Community

16 Feb

Now that we have decided to settle into the city of Melbourne, I have begun to reach out to the local cycle community in order to find my way into the inner sanctum of organizers.

So far I have stopped by the Bicycle Victoria Network main office, visited a few cycle shops (and found a mean deal on a dual purpose fixie at BSC) picked up a cycle map from the most excellent visitors center and begun researching potential cycle routes to both Adelaide and Sydney and finally contacted a few tour companies to ask if they need a hand around the shop you know, for some of that wild colored plastic money.

So here is the shameless self promotion bit; My resume, available to anyone I have directed to the blog to check out what we’ve done so far. I hope they like what they see and get back to me if they need a passionate hand around the shop.

I’ll also take any advice on the copy, because my resume skills are a bit rusty. I haven’t formally had to apply for work since about 2005.

David Vesely

Objective Seeking practical technical and mechanical experience to expand professional understanding and develop industry specific proficiency skill set.
Mechanical Experience

Inline Performance Magazine, San Francisco 2009

Fleet Mechanic, Blogger

Weekly written contributions to online blog, including video production involving product tests and reviews, installation guides and general motorcycle culture minutia.

Responsible for the basic maintenance of European super-bike fleet, particularly Ducatis and Triumphs. Work involved aftermarket component installation, oil changes, cooling liquid flushing, brake fluid bleeds, brake disc swaps, electrical harness relocations.

Attended motorcycle events (Laguna Seca) and reported on site to promote magazine circulation and awareness.

Hospitality / Tourism


Pacific Tradewinds Backpackers Hostel, San Francisco CA 2005-2010

General Manager

Oversaw all aspects of hostel operation including daily operation. Providing a high quality guest service, ensuring a comfortable, clean, and welcoming atmosphere.

Master tenant, supervision and basic maintenance of commercially leased    property.

Recruiting, training and management of live-in international volunteer staff.

Processing reservations, setting prices and allocations by operating multiple online booking systems; Hostelworld & Hostelbookers to ensure maximum potential occupancy.

Operated, administered and trouble shot custom built web-based reception system.

Encouraging guests to leave feedback via online peer review sites to keep the expectations of service high and indicate where changes were necessary to improve customer service.

Implemented and managed web applications such as, Google Maps, Blogger & Picasa to integrate within the official website for up to date content regarding relevant  backpacking culture and expansion of guest services.

Expanded the reach of internet marketing campaign using Facebook and Couch Surfing and Google Voice to reach a larger targeted market underserved by traditional booking mediums.

General accounting, auditing and record keeping.


Cheers, Hampshire House Enterprises, Boston, MA 2001 – 2003

Promotion / Valet

Executed bicycle tourism program.Researched and scouting and acted as a company diplomat at most effective tourist locations.


City College of San Francisco 2007-2010

Associate Science Degree: Motorcycle Technician

Health Care Technology: Emergency Medical Technician Program

Emerson College, Boston, MA Graduated, 2003

Bachelor Science. Speech Communication: Advertising and Public Relations

Languages Fluent Czech and Elementary French
Certifications EMT, Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certified

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