A Snag in the Courier Plan (Updated)

23 Feb

Updated: Good news, we where able to find a full British Airways flight on the following day and have booked and confirmed the ticket for Ian. At this point, we want a certificate qualifying us for travel agents for the amount of research and knowledge we have about baggage policy.

We wish Ian good luck, hope he has a great time in Amsterdam and we can’t wait to have our bikes on native soil. Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions, will keep you posted.

After extensive research and finding a willing candidate (a big Thank You to Ian Severance), we booked our tickets with British Airways this morning, only to find out afterwards that due to cross airline agreements, there would be two charges by each airline to bring the bikes along for the ride exceeding the fees past $300 and the grand total over $1000

If it had been clearly stated in the copy on the websites or explained by British Airways customer service in the course of our last 3 days of researching we would never had booked. I fail to understand the point of having a cross platform airline alliance that cannot be held accountable over the phone for it’s partner airline policies but still that allows the check-in agents at the airport to collect money for both airlines but are still unable to agree t0 a singular luggage policy. I don’t even know if that makes sense written down, but this is exactly the experience we are going through.

Unfortunately we don’t have much to show for our work except the understanding that if you work between two airlines, both of them will go out of there way to screw you twice. And also that Madrid continues be the worst place you can end up with bicycle.

Should we be surprised? I guess not. After canceling our tickets we are back to the drawing board, which at this point potentially involves sending the bikes home on a corporate account through DHL or Fed- Ex. But where is the fun in that?



One Response to “A Snag in the Courier Plan (Updated)”

  1. good luck February 23, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    have you ever explore the possibility to “store” the bikes in southern france – with your mom’s friend sylva ?

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