Open Letter to AirAsia

7 Feb

Dear Sir,

Today will have been our first and last ever flight with AirAsia from Delhi to Perth.

We understand the business model you have adapted in order to offer discounted ticket prices in a competitive market. We have flown across the world in multiple similar carriers but this has got to be the truly the worst experience collectively. Allow me to expand my reasoning.

I have never in my experience had ever booked an international flight that does not include any checked luggage and furthermore limits 1 carry on bag to 7kg. This is both unrealistic and improbable to any international travel.

Upon arriving at the check in counter of Delhi International I was informed of an additional 4000 rupee fee was required to check our bags which could only could be paid in cash and preferred in foreign denomination. Stunned that you cannot accept credit card I was forced to leave the counter, find an ATM and pay a foreign service
transaction fee. Being told that paying for the service online 6 hours before flight time at a discounted rate is not a fine example of customer service.

I know this is where you will point out a clear baggage policy documented somewhere, but let me tell you that although I assumed that any international ticket would include baggage. At no point of purchasing the ticket, printing an itinerary, checking in online using the iPhone App was your luggage policy clearly stated.

After having checked in and boarding we were informed that the toilets on one side of the plane did not work, no meals would be able to be provided unless it was preordered and worst if all, not a single beverage would be provided (not even water) unless purchased.

Continuing on, after arriving in Kuala Lumpur with under one and a half hours to transfer, we were further delayed due to a lack of boarding passes which could have been issues in Delhi, stressing out the counter operator and other travellers waiting to transfer. Rushed again, we didn’t have the opportunity to buy a meal at the terminal as we were immediately went to board as soon as we passed through security.

On the continuing flight to Perth, the lights were left on in the cabin until the meals were distributed which went on until about 2 AM local time, leaving about 2 hours to sleep on an overnight flight.

So to count, on two 5 hour, international flights we had no food, little sleep, overcharged and extorted for luggage and unable to drink water unless purchased.

Absolutely shocking, I have had better service provided by state run bus companies. Please review this letter and consider the effect how this experience shared will effect your public reputation.

Thank you for considering my story.

Irate and dissatisfied,
David Vesely


Still looking for bike courier candidates

5 Feb

Hope you liked our most recent photo set. We are so pleased that you liked them.

Now we are still holding out for someone to raise their hands to be chosen to be sent out to Madrid to pick up our bikes and fly them to Boston. We just saw another super cheap flight on 3/12 so please get back to us if you have time flexibility to help us out, which includes a free round trip ticket to Spain and accommodation downtown in Madrid.

Thanks, we look forward to find you.

Indian Facebook Gallery

4 Feb

Howdy folks, we are two days out from our departure from India and we had just enough time to post some of our most recent photos on Facebook. For our nonsocial network users you will have to wait until we get some time in Australia. So until then visit the captains FB page and check out some of our favorite shots from India. We are presently in Delhi attempting to visit one nice hotel, which is proving to be a challenge so we will have to settle on what we can find (last night it was “Hotel Decent” no really) Ad amazing as India has been we are very, very excited for some civil western amenities like toilet paper, hot showers and clean laundry.

Cycle Courier Update

31 Jan

Thanks for the contributions to all of our friends family and fans.

The time has come to buy the tickets and organize the person who will fly to/from Spain. As of now the cheapest tickets are on the 15th of Spain and returning on the 26/27 (unless you know of some better deals out there). So if you have the time, are Boston or Madrid based and are interested in bringing our bikes home, now is the time to speak up! We would like to have something arranged by the time we leave India which is fast approaching as we are due to depart on Feb. 6th.

Thanks again!

Best Coffee in India prize goes to Jheels in Udaipur

29 Jan

Rajastan Hospitality

28 Jan

Keeping your eye balls moist

20 Jan

Back in Mumbai, we have a few precious moments to share just a few of our photos between long-haul train rides. So here we go!

We ran across a few Czechs! This on is atop the Monkey Temple in Hampi, birth place of Hanuman

Up at the top, taking in the view.

Catching our breath at the top of Ooty Hill Station. Another day another hill. Will have more photos of the Tea Plantation

Found a place in Goa that really understand me. The Om-Made Cafe… clever?

Our Venerable Host and Guardian at the Tantra Guest House, let give a big hand to Buddha!

Our funky digs in the day time, 200 to sleep in the nests.

Bay Watch, India Style.

Just another cow on the beach, taking in the Sunset.

Okay! I hope that suits you folks for now. We are off to run around the city and catch a cab. With any luck we will be in Rajashtan be tomorrow.