We’ve broken our trip up into three stages.  Here is our plan more or less.

We will be starting off in Dave’s village in the Czech Republic called Strani.  From there we will go south to Vienna and pick up the Danube River Bicycle trail to Budapest.  This is a well marked route and should be a lot of fun to travel.  Going from West to East gently slopes downwards so it should be good training for me as I try to break myself in to cycle touring.

Once we arrive in Budapest we will cut away from the Danube river trail and head for Hungary’s largest lake; Lake Balaton.  We will keep cutting west until we arrive on the coast of the mediterranean then cycle down Croatia’s coastline.  Hopefully we will be ferry hopping some the islands as well.

We will continue down into Greece.  I have yet to research Greece’s mountain ranges and am not sure how we will navigate it.  We estimate that we will arrive in Greece somewhere around Christmas time and will be shipping the bikes ahead to Australia while we hop on a plane to Eqypt to spend Christmas in Cairo.

Stage 2.

Christmas in Cairo, followed by a flight to Mumbai, India where we will hop on trains towards Kolkata where we  meet up with Caru.

Stage 3.

We head to Australia!  Dave and I have working permits, so we have to enter the country by February 8th.  Our plan is to land in Perth, spend some time there and meet up with our bicycles.  Then we’ll fly (or train?) to Adelaide where we will continue on by bike up the eastern coast.  I’m not sure how far up the coast we’ll go; we’ll be playing it by ear.


2 Responses to “Route”

  1. Lenka September 2, 2011 at 5:50 am #

    Okay, when we won´t meet in CZ, then we will meet in OZ..
    I hope to meet you soon!

    • absfontaine September 2, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

      Don’t worry Lenka, we’re coming your way by train!

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